Make action your middle name. Immerse yourself in the open roads of Paradise City from the downtown streets through the hectic freeways to the sweeping mountain roads; the world is waiting to be explored. Slam, Shunt and Wreck opponents in cross-town race events; you decide the fastest route to the finish line.

Hit the jumps and find shortcuts, smash through barriers and get to the places that other racers can't reach to get that competitive edge. The revolutionary EasyDrive system that smashes through the tedium of lobbies and servers and cuts straight to the chase.
FEATURED Burnout Paradise features 120 unique events, online challenges and free form game play that lets you crash anywhere. TRAILER EA™ steps it up with the latest Burnout installment. Experience Burnout on your favorite handheld console! Vehicular combat in the midst of rush-hour traffic. PARADISE LEGENDS REVENGE